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After losing so many of my images in the great hard drive debacle, I began the enormous task of re-shooting the places that were most important to me. I am also trying  to discover all the images I have given to others from my collection. I still have a lot to reclaim, but I started with a return to Barcelona and the Colonia Guell Crypt near the Barcelona Airport. 4 years ago I had processed the images very quickly for an exhibition at Christ the Kung School. I saved them with such haste that they existed only on what became the ruined hard drive! They sold so well that I no longer had a print of the very best that I could even scan.

North aisle with Jesus window Crypt Colonia Guel
Alpha and Omega Window    Colonia Guell
Alpha and Omega Window Colonia Guell
North aisle with Jesus window Crypt Colonia Guel

This June I shot many beautiful images of the exterior of the Crypt but not too many on the inside—it’s both dark, and photos are not permitted. I am really happy with the images I brought home. They are very salable because the images are very “modern,” warm,  and deeply sacred in their communication.

Years ago I had shared with Jean & Kate many pics I took with the first digital camera we had.  Jean just gave them back to me. There were so many pictures I hadn’t seen for 12 years. All are photo-quality but much smaller than those taken with our more recent camera’s. I found really strong images of Brittany: the menhirs and dolmens, the amazing 17th century churches in small towns, platters of wild oysters

and wild strawberry plants. I am busy transforming them and plan to showcase the altered images in small frames I bought at the salvation army. Spectacular! Some may easily become Christmas Cards. So much fun with Photoshopt.

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